How do I start?

1. When you start Chathouse 3D for the first time you have to choose a name for your avatar.

2. Now the game can start. If you simply click on “Play” you will be connected to another randomly chosen online player. If you want to be connected to one of your online friends (who you added on your members area at you have to click on “Friends”.

3. Now you enter the virtual world of Chathouse 3D. By moving your mouse and double-clicking on a certain point you can look around and let your avatar walk to the place you have chosen.

4. If you want to customize your avatar you have to click on the top right hand corner on the “Browser Icon”. By doing this you open the Menus – now you can´t only customize the appearance of your avatar, but also choose poses, set camera options and much more. It is even possible to accept poses your online sex partner invites you to join him with.

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