How can I choose my personal avatar?

If you open Chathouse 3D with the thriXXX Launcher you will arrive in the so-called “Lobby” – it´s the place where you can choose your character and select other players you would like to meet.

Choosing your avatar:

- Click on “Change Character” underneath your model (the left one).

- Choose another Character Slot and click on “Create”.

- Click on a character/model and type in a name you would like to use. Click on the “Create Character” button.

- Once this is done, your new character will appear in the Lobby.

- Now you can choose a friend in your friends list you would like to meet. If you want to meet a randomly chosen player, choose an Auto Match. Click on “Play Now”.

- If you play Chathouse 3D the next time you can choose a different model if you like. You just have to click on “Change Character”. Or click on “Select Character” to choose a Character Slot of a model you already chose.

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