What is a Pose Panel?

In the Pose Panel you got the possibility to choose and work with different (Sex) Poses. The “Pose Panel” is the first tab in your Chathouse 3D Browser (on the main screen the icon in the top hand).

- The Pose Panel will show you an overview of all available Poses. If you click on a pose your avatar will walk to a place where this pose can be used, take the right position and wait for the confirmation of your online sex partner to start the action.

- Accept a suggested pose of your online sex partner by clicking on the scroll down window “Poses available to join”. When you click on it, your avatar will walk to your online partner and start the chosen pose.

- At the bottom you can find the “Floating Pose Panel”. Activate it to separate the active pose from the Browser window. You´ll get the option to show Strapon-Poses for females, too.

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