Can I use keyboard shortcuts in Chathouse 3D?

Yes – here you see all the Chathouse 3D shortcuts:

1. Generic interface shortcuts

Taking a screenshot: Control-P
Toggling the browser panel: Tab
Opening the pose panel: F1
Opening the customizer panel: F2
Opening input modes panel: F3
Opening the session information panel: F4
Opening the settings panel: F5
Exit the game: Click on Esc

2. Video Pose shortcuts

Increasing the speed: Numpad +
Decreasing the speed: Numpad –
Next Loop: Numpad *
Previous Loop: Numpad /

3. Generic Camera shortcuts

Moving forward: Numpad 8
Moving backward: Numpad 2
Moving left: Numpad 4
Moving right: Numpad 6

4. Follow Camera shortcuts

Moving up: Page up
Moving down: Page down

5. Free Camera shortcuts

Rotating right: Numpad 9
Rotating left: Numpad 7
Rotating up: Page up
Rotating Down: Page down

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