How works Voice-over-IP?

Required Prerequisites:

You need either a headset or microphone and speakers. You have to connect your headset/microphone to your system before you start. Please note that it´s only available in the upgraded/full version of Chathouse 3D.
To bring up the configuration dialog you have to start Chathouse 3D with the Shift-Key pressed. Now open the Audio settings and choose your Line and Device. If you aren´t sure what to choose, you can click on the Autodetection button. Now you simply have to follow the instructions.
Enable Voice-over-IP:
VOIP is an optional function – you have to activate it manually to use it. At first, you have to open the inGame Settings panel. Scroll down to the VoIP section and check “Enable Voice”. Now the Voice-over-IP session will start. Please note that you can only talk to other online players who also enabled VoIP. Use the “Session Information panel” to see the connection status to other players.
Not all data will be transmitted all the time. You got the possibility to define the activation level – this means, how loud you need to talk, so that Voice-over-IP data will be transmitted. You´ll find this function next to the “Enable Voice” checkbox.
Fixing problems:
If the data coming from your microphone is too quiet, it can help to enable the “Microphone Boost” in the settings of your microphone´s system.

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