Chathouse 3D will be compatible with the Vstroker device

The thriXXX software engineers are always working hard to make the interactive cybersex experience as life-like as possible. For this reason they are trying to include some innovative hardware belonging to the virtual reality genre, too. For example, the Fleshlight & Vstroker-combination: This device allows you to control the horny 3D action with your cock in real-time! Thanks to Fleshlight and Vstroker the 3D Cybersex in games like “Chathouse 3D” or “3D Sexvilla” will become extremely realistic and very close to “real” sex!

Use Vstroker & Fleshlight to experience the next level of virtual Cybersex!

Vstroker Chathouse 3D will be Vstroker compatible – this means, you will not only be able to watch the horny action, you will control everything with your dick and feel every stroke! Of course, you can play the games only with mouse and keypad, too – but using Vstroker will make the 3D sex-simulations much more exciting, no doubt about that!

For your information: Vstroker is the world´s most advanced sex system – if you attach this device to a Fleshlight, an artificial vagina with the patented “Reel Feel Superskin Inlay”, and plug the Vstroker receiver into your PC´s USB port, the Vstroker will monitor the speed of your strokes: Each time you penetrate your Fleshlight the Vstroker will transmit your movements wirelessly to your PC or Mac and simulate it within the Vstroker enabled game. You can thrust slowly or fuck the 3D girl´s hard, it´s your choice and you´re the boss! It´s even possible to control the moment you come all over the 3D sluts! By the way, the Fleshlight device has been sold over 4 million times and is the best-selling male sex toy in the world!

If you will play Chathouse 3D with the Vstroker/Fleshlight device you will be able to have ultra-realistic, real-time 3D Cybersex with the avatars of other players – if you want your Cybersex as lifelike as possible, you have to try this out!

You can inform yourself about and order the Vstroker+Fleshlight devices right “here”. By the way, if you already own a Fleshlight, you can order the Vstroker device separately, too. Take advantage of this chance and enter the newest dimension of interactive Cybersex – play Chathouse 3D and have virtual real-time sex with avatars controlled by REAL people. May you have lots of fun!


Vstroker + Pornstar Fleshlight